Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Women Fruit Facial Make up

Women Fruit Facial Make up, first, deep cleansing according type skin. Remove beachheads  white head apply astringent Then take fresh fruit juice orange sweet-lime massage with along with galvanic current for minutes go for massage according to the skin type. 

Apply the fruit mask. At last, wipe out the pack and apply sun-protection lotion. women fruit facial makeup, clean the face and do the deep cleansing according to the skin type. Remove the beachheads and the White heads and apply the astringent. Then take the fresh vegetable juice of potato, cucumber, tomato, massage along with the galvanic current for minutes. The cream massage is done according to the type of the skin. For making mask, grate potatoes, cucumber and carrot. mix the face-pack in it according to the type of skin. Soak a gauge-piece in the Edgewater, nut it on the face and spread the prepared face pack on it for minutes. women fruit facial makeup the vegetable face pack on the face At last, clean the face and apply sun protection lotion. This facial is meant for the dry, normal or mature skin. Clean the face with the gold-cleanser. Then do the deep cleansing. Remove the beachheads and the white head and apply the astringent. 

Apply the gold-metallic peel with the golddust. Apply the gold-dust on the problematic area. Retain the gold-peel minutes and then remove it with the friction massage. After massage the face with the hydro skin polisher minutes. Don't use water while doing this women fruit facial makeup massage with the gold cream, the skin is more dry, massage it with the skin-butter Then clean the face and apply the gold-metallic gel. Allow the massage with the galvanic or with the ultrasonic machine minutes on the gold gel. Then penetrate the gel into the skin with the hand massage minutes. Apply the gold-mask on it. Retain the goldmask minutes. Clean the face and apply sun-protection lotion. It takes almost one and a half to two hours in this facial-treatment women fruit facial makeup meant for the normal skin as well as for the oily skin. Clean the face with the silver cleanser after massaging minutes. Allow the deep cleansing with the scrub, remove the beachheads and the white head and apply the astringent. 

Keep the silver-peel powder soaking in milk or curd for to minutes and apply the face Retain the peel on the face for minutes. Then remove it massaging  milk or the curd in which the peel was soaked. women fruit facial makeup silver gel and massage with the galvanic current or with the ultrasonic machine Keep on applying the silver lotion while massaging with machine. Then massage with the silver gel apply the silver-pack. Remove the pack