Friday, 17 February 2012

Take Care for Makeup

Take Care for Makeup, first, as shown in the table above, decide skin type then for cleansing. take care for makeup cleansing with the scrub. Remove beachheads Whiteheads Then apply the astringent antiseptic. 

Massage for about minutes with the nourishing cream. take care makeup skin is dry, apply a pack on the cream (without wiping out the cream If the skin is normal, apply the pack alter wiping out the cream. After applying the pack, put ice-cotton soaked in rosewater  eyes. take care for makeup pack is dry, wipe it out and apply sun protection lotion. At first, as shown in the table above, decide the skin type. Clean the face with She-cleanser.take care for makeup moon for the normal skin and Sha rose for the oily skin. Do the deep cleansing with Shascrub. Then apply the astringent after removing the beachheads and the Whiteheads minutes with Sha life. 

Then go for the direct vibration massage on the leg and hand the indirect vibration massage on the face. take care for makeup cold compressor with Sha rose. Give the cold compressor with cold steaming machine or with the cotton soaked in cold rosewater Take drops Sha fresh in Sha face pack. Then remove the face-pack and apply  base take care for makeup protection for the normal skin and for the oily skin. Apply more of Sha base, and then less of Shasilk