Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thermoherb Mask for Make up

Thermoherb Mask for Make up, Thermoherb facial is advantageous for the dry, normal and mature skin. It is made of the base of Plaster of Paris. It brings about Lightning effect in the
skin. It balances oil and water skin. At first, clean the face with She-cleanser. Massage it with sha life thermoherb mask for make up vibrator roller and remove the Blackheads and  White heads Now, make a layer of life cream on the entire face mix thermoherb powderin water and put a thick layer on it. Put eyelids on the eyes. Let the pack get dry for half an hour. While peeling off the pack, start from the edge and ahead slowly. thermoherb mask for make up off the face the wet cotton. 

Apply the marrow pack on it. Apply Sha silk after peeling The green apple facial is meant for the thin, dry and delicate skin. This facial cantains cleanser, massage cream, pack and toner. Clean the face with the apple cleanser. Do the deep cleansing and remove the Then apply the astringent. Massage the face with the apple cream This massage will help cream penetrate into the skin and the skin will get moisture. Then wipe out the cream and apply applemask. Wipe out the mask after Then apply the apple toner thermoherb mask for make up  facial is meant for the oily skin. At first, clean the face with the lemon cleanser. Then deep cleansing   scrub. Allow a little steam and remove the Then massage with the lemon cream. A little mint gel can also be taken he lemon cream. Massage Cleaning out the pack, and then apply the lemon pack after the massage thermoherb mask make up lemon toner  allow high frequency machine. Because of the high frequency machine the toner penetrates into the skin and the oiliness in the skin decreases. Aroma means fragrance. Fragrance has freshening effect on the body mask for make up oil sought from the essence of vegetation leaves, flowers, roots, called Aroma oil. Aroma Therapy is also called thermoherb mask for make up this facial treatment massage is done pressure points. The massage varies pressure of each finger types of oils are used for this massage Carrier oil Essential oil thermoherb mask for make up