Friday, 17 February 2012

Eyes Makeup Ideas 2012

Eyes Makeup Ideas 2012, Set the palms wide open like the wings of the butterfly and do the circle passage the vibration with both the hands. 

friction massage in clockwise and anti clockwise direction the pinching eyes makeup ideas the shoulder tap with hands Fold your palm and do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage with the folded fingers inwards with the edges of the palms. eyes makeup shapes from one shoulder to the other. Press the collar-bone clockwise and anti clockwise massage shoulder. Set one hand on one shoulder and massage upwards up to the top of the neck with the other hand. Massage with the butterfly stroke one palm above the other and strike upwards on the spine as shown in the picture eyes makeup ideas clockwise and anti-clockwise on the occipital bone behind the ears.

Set the palms wide open like a cat's paws and massage from down to upwards. Go on giving general strokes intermittently while doing all the steps as above. eyes makeup ideas want to take cream or water, take it with just one hand, keeping the other the face During make it a point to give pressure only on the pressure points; while massage the rest of the parts with low-pressure. 

Take care that cream does not get into eyes or mouth Massage on the hands and the legs till the pack gets dry eyes makeup common steps of facial-treatment and skin treatment given in this book advised to follow the instructions or guidance specifically prescribed on each of the eyes makeup ideas