Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Polish after Manicure

Nail Polish after Manicure, legs in good condition by boosting up blood circulation nail polish after manicure sinews of the legs get stimulated. It makes the skin smooth provides the legs a beauty upwards on the leg both the hands the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on the toes. Bend the toes and pull them tightly Rotate each of the toes clockwise anti-clockwise one   pull them the criss-cross massage under the toes sole clockwise anti-clockwise massage the folded palm on the sole nail polish after manicure the heel 

Massage in shape on the sole of the foot the criss-cross massage around the ankle-joint of the foot the vibration massage with both the hands on the foot the pinching massage tapping the fingers of both the hands Fold the palms round together in the shape of a bangle and do the massage the criss-cross massage below the knee-joints the circle nail polish after manicure around the knee Massage upwards the calfmuscles general stroke massage last Remove the nail-polish before the pedicure. Trim the toe-nails straight across nail-clipper or scissors. Then file from the edges towards the centre of your nails. Buffer the nails. Soak the feet in warm water shampoo, lemon drops of hydrogen peroxide. Retain them in the Remove the dirt from the nails and from the hinder part of the solewith a soft brush. Remove the dead skin of the hinder part of the sole scraper nail polish after manicure cuts and the dead skin is more, remove the extra skin with the pedi cutter. 

Rub pumice stone lightly on the scrub wash the legs in the same warm water. Then wipe out the legs and apply the cleansing cream on the nails Push back the cuticles cuticle pusher and clean the cuticles Remove extra cuticles. Apply the pedicure mask. Wrap the cling film tightly on it and put on the cotton socks over it. Let the socks remain nail polish after manicure Take off the socks, remove the cling film and the mask rub. Then wash the feet massage with the body lotion or cream following the steps suggested on page Wipe out the cream from the nails and apply the basecoat Then the nail polish of choice can be applied French manicure differs a little from the common manicure. Nails are given square shape in this manicure nail polish after manicure cleaned as is done in common manicure. 

Paraffin wax mask is applied instead of the manicure mask. Paraffin wax mask is prepared in base. It is heated in the wax-heater. The special wax-heater for paraffin is also available. In which hands are soaked in the hot wax. If there is no special wax-heater, paraffin wax heated in simple wax heater and it is applied brush Peel it off after massage cream or body lotion according to the steps suggested previously nail polish after manicure the nails and apply the base coat nail polish French nail-polish is done as shown in the picture given on the next nail polish after manicure 2012