Friday, 17 February 2012

Care for Women Makeup

Care for Women Makeup, banana lessening redness skin Chocolate Anti-stress Spa Therapy care for women make up For young skin Hazelnut smooth and bright skin Coffee tanning of the skin It is the usual practice of applying powder in simple but here cleansing milk is applied instead. 

Apply wax in inch-space on the skin and later strip it off with disposable Generally, after waxing, wax is cleaned out with water. But for this waxing, special oil is used for cleaning
out the that the skin does not get dry care for women make up good beautician must know fairly well about the skin. New cells keep on forming in the skin and the old worn ones go out of the skin from its upper layer forming in the lowest layer of our formed of hair, cells, sweat glands, oil glands, blood veins To know the type of skin the following three things can be taken help of press a tissue paper lightly on your face before washing your face, soon after you get up in the morning. Then pull it off and examine care for women white flakes, the skin is dry. 

If there are drops of moisture or oiliness on it, the skin is oily; and if you fmd both of them on it, the skin is normal or it is a combination skin. care women make up washing the face with soap once more after five ten minutes, if oiliness is felt on the skin, it is the oily skin. If the skin feels tight after washing the face with soap, it is the dry skin. The normal skin is dry in some parts and oily in others. Press a litmus paper lightly on your face. If a blue litmus paper turns red, the skin is dry women make up litmus paper turns blue, the skin is oily.

If the litmus paper does not change its color blue or red, it is the normal skin protects from cold, heat, germs, adverse environmental effects The skin regulates the temperature of our body and balances sweats out salts and other impurities of our body care for women make up 2012