Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Skin Peeling Treatment

Skin Peeling Treatment, very adventurous for body makes skin soft smooth moisturised skin peeling treatment massage boosts up the blood circulation and relaxes the body. skin peeling treatment reduces deposited fat-cells and stimulates the sinews. 

Body massage helps in nullifying aches in muscles and joints abolishes tension tiredness. In summer, body massage can be done with the body lotion or massage cream. In winter, other oils like - almond oil, sesame oil, mixed in Aroma oils and massage with them. Generally, time for the massage is the body massage, hot towel can be done skin peeling treatment skin pores and allows oil or lotion penetrate into the skin and balances water and oil. It relaxes the body from tiredness. The steps of body massage are as follows Heat the herbal oil luke-warm and apply it thoroughly on the scalp. the clockwise massage with all the fingers of both the hands. the rotation massage over the scalp with a finger and a thumb. the pinching massage. tapping and rubbing. Pull the hair from roots lightly. 

criss-cross massage with the thumbs the clockwise anti-clockwise massage with the fingers on the occipital bones behind the ears. Allow butterfly strokes on shoulders vibration and friction massage skin peeling treatment pressure on the acupressure points. Massage in the hair with fingers as we comb hair Massage with the fingers of both the hands upwards give butterfly strokes. vibration and friction both the hands pinching tapping massage. Keep hand the neck and massage in shape other hand the pinching and pressing to collar-bones.

clockwise and anti-clockwise the shoulders skin peeling treatment clockwise anti-clockwise upwards by turn with both the hands. Give a little pressure with both the hands and let it go repeatedly Massage upwards by turn both hands clockwise and anti-clockwise massage the contoured bones skin peeling treatment vibration friction massage the tapping and pinching massage Form a circle like a bangle of both palms massage them from upwards downwards skin peeling treatment called