Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Treatment for Dry Skin

Treatment for Dry Skin, Skin treatment the treatment to cure skin problems some the skin problems Sunburn Skin gets dark the acnes or pimples dark circles under eyes wrinkles, treatment for dry skin following treatments are recommended for the above-mentioned skin problems 

Machine is a machine generating direct current generates Positive negative helps penetrate gel or juice into the skin and skin problems can be cured. types of solutions are used for this Solution Acidic Solution. Clean the face by massaging with the cleansing milk deep cleansing with the scrub and take out the apply the toner massage and penetrate the orange juice with positive current Massage nourishing cream honey-drops in the face pack and apply it on the face treatment for dry skin forget to put eye-pads After cleaning out the pack, give cold compressor rosewater Clean the face the face-wash or astringent For the skin with normal pimples, do the deep cleansing scrub and remove the Apply the toner. 

But if the pimples are full of puss and are aching, only apply the skin toner instead doing the deep cleansing. Allow negative current treatment for dry skin alkaline solution  the face Then allow the positive current acidic solution on the face Don't allow the galvanic current at the bleeding spots. Clean the face. Apply the medicated powder the neon high frequency current treatment for dry skin Clean the face with the astringent apply the pimple pack Allow the cold compressor with the the lemon toner. Massage the face with the skin lightening face cleanser then clean the face the skin lightening pack in skin fair lotion and apply it on the face. Retain it for minutes. Then wipe out the pack. Apply the pack treatment for dry skin wet gauge piece on it. 

Allow the Argon high Frequency oxy pack penetrate into the skin. the skin is more dry, mix the skin lightening cream in vitamin  cream. Then massage skin is still more dry, the other way is to apply Vitamin cream on the face and give massage treatment for dry skin ultrasonic machine. The ultrasonic machine helps the cream penetrate into the skin. Ultrasonic is a micro current. This current is more advanced than the galvanic current. This current cannot be felt. There are two types of waves in this Square waves Alternate waves. Ultra waves bring heat to the skin and the skin gets soft. With the ultrasonic current massage the eyes can also be done. Apply the skin lightening ampule on the skin, and then apply the skin lightening mask on it.  After minutes, clean out the mask treatment for dry skin sun-screen lotion sun-block lotion.