Friday, 17 February 2012

Celebrity Makeup for 2012

Celebrity Make up for 2012, Threading is a Chinese system of removing hair unwanted hair on some body parts sometimes come in the way of looking beautiful particularly for women.

celebrity make up for 2012 women used flour, turmeric etc for removing hair today there are many methods for solving the problem. One of them is The unremoved hair after waxing can be removed only by threading. celebrity make up necessary to apply talcum powder before threading.threading with a wet thread is less painful. Take the thread Draw eyebrow-shapes on your leg where the hair-growth is more. celebrity make up end of the thread mouth and twist the other end around your fingers. Try threading for the hair to be removed from the opposite direction. Practise threading for one hour everyday at least for a week and you'll get accustomed to thread different shapes of eyebrows. The various shapes of eyebrows are as Lips are very delicate. 

celebrity make up care is not taken while threading, the skin may get rashed It is advisable to carry out threading after tightening the skin. Let the client stretch and hold the skin on the forehead tightly while the threading process celebrity make up threading in the opposite direction of the hair. Side-blocks means the area between the ear and the cheek. It is necessary to let the client stretch and hold the skin of this area tightly while the threading is in the process. celebrity make up  the area below the lower lip. Before threading, let the client keep the lower lip tight by pushing it with the tongue from inside celebrity make up for 2012