Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Skin Lightening Treatment

Skin Lightening Treatment, Massage the face the mint gel for Then wipe the skin lightening treatment medicated powder cotton on the face and then allow the High Frequency Current minutes. the acnes are aggravated or bleeding, don't allow High Frequency Current pimples are big in size, allow the High Frequency Current  its electrode skin lightening treatment the powder on the face the astringent also clean the electrode the astringent. 

Apply the anti-acne serum on the face and then apply little thick pimple pack. Let it get dry. Don't remove the pack before it is dried completely. Apply skin toner after removing the pack. This treatment is done specially for pigmentation, scars left after acne freckles skin lightening treatment the skin is peeled acid. This skin treatment has rapid and long-lasting result. For the peeling, diamond Dermis stud machine is also used. With this machine, better result can be obtained in comparison with other kinds of peeling skin lightening treatment peeling can be done manually with hands This treatment also helps removing scars left after acnes to a certain extent.

 The steps for glycolic peeling are as follow  Allow hot compressor with cotton and remove the Then do the deep cleansing Do the skin toning with the skin toner or with the spray-unit. Apply the glycolic peel on the face and let it get dry Take care that it is not applied near the eyes and on the lips. Use the stud as need be and peel the skin with the Diamond Dermis machine. skin lightening treatment very important to neutralist the skin after face-peeling for this is a chemical peel Apply ample according to the skin problem and massage ultrasonic machine. 

Massage manually with hands the skin demands so Apply oxygen mask face skin lightening treatment oxygen mask lets oxygen enter the skin. Peeling has removed the layer of the skin and the skin has got a little more sensitive, therefore the skin has become more receptive to the oxygen mask skin lightening treatment direct absorption of oxygen, the skin looks healthy and lively. This peeling does not have any side-effects. This mask brings about lightening and tightening effect in the skin. This mask nourishes the skin. Therefore, at the treatment the application of the oxygen mask brings skin lightening treatment