Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Treatment for Oily Skin

Treatment for Oily Skin, This treatment for the mature skin pigmentation, rankles clean the face the cleansing milk honey the apricot scrub and remove the Blackheads and the by doing the deep cleansing. 

Apply the skin toner retain the fruit peel pick treatment for oily skin compressor the cotton pad cotton soaked  hot water minutes and then wipe out the pack. Massage the skin dive cream for retain the fruit-pack Keep ice-cotton on eyes during that time Apply moisturiser after wiping out the pack.This treatment is more advantageous to the mature skin. Generally, for skin lifting, people who can afford, approach skin specialists. But this non surgical approach is cheaper and advantageous. Clean the face cleansing milk treatment for oily skin cleansing the scrub and remove the and the Apply the skin toner the mini-lift powder in activator and apply two layers of it. Apply the third and then the fourth layer after minutes. Retain minutes Remove the mini lift pack help skin-wash. Allow Ozone steam steaming machine. Massage on pressure-points skin dive cream  minutes then apply skin tightening mask moisturiser 

This treatment is specifically meant for skin with more acnes or pimples the High Frequency Machine is used for this treatment. treatment for oily skin Frequency alternative and mild current. It makes the blood circulation faster. This is an anti-bacterial current. The High Frequency current gives soothing, cooling and drying effect. The High Frequency current is of two types Argon. The Neon High Frequency Current controls active sagacious glands and sucks up the extra oily secretion. The Argon High Frequency Current helps penetrate skin toner into skin treatment for oily skin face the face-wash alkaline-wash. needed, remove the and the allowing steam. Then apply the astringent on the face treatment for oily skin