Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Treatment for Women

Nail Treatment for Women, Nails are made of Carotene Caroline is proteinous substance nail treatment for women exists in all the hard veins. Nutrition, health and diseases affect growth of nails. Nails grow forward and upward. 

Nails grow faster summer nail treatment for women shed automatically and  certain intervals like hair. The treatment of the nails is equally important as that the hair these days. Different types of manicure and pedicure are as follows Manicure is a Latin word nail treatment for women hand cure means treatment Manicure makes hands look nice. Massages in manicure Treat make the wrists smooth and flexible and prevent the skin of the hand getting wrinkled. It boosts up the blood circulation of hands and fingers. Manicure brags relief arthritis, sinus, cold and cough nail treatment for women avoid worry and tension. Massage upwards hands allowing the general stroke clocwise and anti-clockwise massage on both the hands. clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on fingers pinching massage with thumb from the middle of the palm towards fingers. 

File the nails and buffer them Take Manicure shampoo, lemon juice, honey and hydrogen peroxide drops each in the luke-warm water Keep the hands in it scrub massage lightly and wash the hands in the same water Wipe the hands with a napkin and apply the cleansing cream on the nails nail treatment for women only on the nails Push back the cubicles cuticle  pusher. Then dean the cuticles from sides. Clean the nails the underneath remover. Clean the nails from sides a dust remover. Apply skin lightening mask of manicure on the hands nail treatment for women cling film paper tightly on it and put the cotton gloves over it then remove the gloves and the paper. Then massage it by rubbing. Make the person wash her hands in cold water nail treatment for women the dead skin removed. Take massage steps with the cream or body lotion as mentioned on the page minutes. Wipe out the cream from inside of the nails and apply the base coat nailpolish The treatment of legs is Pedicure This treatment comprises the treatment of the hinder part of the sole, nail treatment for women