Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Aromatherapy Facial for Women

Aromatherapy Facial for Women, There is fragrance the Carrier oil. The Essential oil fragrant In the Aroma facial, it is important to know which oil is to be used and Prepare oil  suggested above and do the massage aromatherapy facial for women apply mask according to the skin type. Massage on the dry skin Massage oily skin For the skin acne, do the pressure-point massage for Aroma oil changes the mood with its fragrance. This oil gets penetrated into the blood soon causes instant effect. 

It is advised to get what quantity it is to be taken. Let's have a look at the quantity taken both of the Carrier oil and the Essential oil. an experienced beautician to do Aroma facial so as not to get its adverse effect Use original branded oils for this facial aromatherapy facial for women not only advantageous to hair, but it is equally advantageous skin Methandi brings about a cooling effect on the skin as it does in the hair. This facial can be done even at home first, clean the face with the cleansing milk or face wash. Massage with the nourishing cream or any other cream 

Retain the cream on the face after the massage. aromatherapy facial for women plain water or rosewater and prepare the paste. Apply this paste on the face the cream Retain there Then clean the face water. Massage the fibred part of the betel leaf create heat on the skin and help remove the beachheads and the Crush the ripe banana. Crush the rose-petals in the palms, mix it in the crush of the ripe banana. Apply paste the face aromatherapy facial for women wet sponge. At last, apply the fruit-mask on the entire face and put ice-cotton on the eyes. Banana is a very good tonic for skin aromatherapy facial for women  makes the skin smooth, shining tight. Mehandi brings about nice glow on the skin.