Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pearl Facial for Make up

Pearl Facial for Make up, facial is advantageous to the normal skin and the delicate skin. This facial brags coolness ingredients of this facial are anti-allergic. At first massage pearl cleanser the Blackheads and the White heads Apply the astringent pearl facial for makeup with pearl cream. Massage once following the steps as shown previously. Then while doing the massage the second time the face the oil from the pearl-kit. Wipe out the face after the massage and apply the pearl-mask. 

Then wipe out the pearl-mask and apply sun-protection lotion. Oxygen is very important for the skin. pearl facial for makeup the skin fresh and alive. Oxygen facial makes skin healthy and brings about instant glow the skin. Oxygen facial charges the dull skin. At fast, clean the face. Then apply the facial peeling cream and retain it for give the Ozone steam over the skin dull, let the skin have the steam minutes pearl facial for makeup cream has very tiny granules of scrub. Give the steam and remove Blackheads and the Apply the astringent. Then the whitening cream in the oxygen cream massage wipe out the cream, apply ample as required for the problem and apply the oxygen-mask. 

Cling the transparent paper tightly on the mask cut it a little at the nose-cut that breathing would not be a problem retain oxygen-mask for Then remove apply sun-protection lotion.    Acid This facial brings lightening effect the skin pearl facial for make up of peeling gel in it is almost so it brings about the tightening effect the satin facial brings in immediate effect in the dark skin. At first, clean the face. Then massage with the cream While massaging soya bean or the mint gel in the cream. Soyabean gives vitamins the dry skin. pearl facial for makeup very important for the dry skin. Mint gel balances oil and water in the oily skin. 

Therefore, it is advisable to mix the gel in the cream. While doing the face-massage, wipe out the cream and apply according to the skin problem and retain Applylayer of glucolic peeling gel on pearl facial for makeup causes a little burning, is effective. Retain the peel To take off this peel, put a pinch of the baking soda in a little lukewarm water massage then massage on it cold water in the beauty globe. Then apply mask pearl facial for makeup there dark circles apply the mask on the eyes too. Put a wet gauge piece on it. Put cold cotton pads on the eyes. Retain the pack Then wash off the face and apply the intensive cream