Friday, 17 February 2012

Makeup for Japanese Girls

Makeup for Japanese Girls, Press the eyebrows.Massage in shape around the eyes palms on the eyes for a while upwards with two front fingers in centre forehead makeup for japanese girls upwards with fingers on the eyebrows. 

set two fingers horizontally in shape on the forehead and massage clockwise clockwise with one fingers the space between them as shown in picture makeup japanese girls make shape as above and do the friction massage fingers close to each other massage giving vertical stroke shape the forehead. 

makeup japanese girls tapping massage tapping all fingers forehead cupping with hand and massage upwards with the other Set one hand beside the ear and massage with the palm of the other hand up to the jaw line on the neck makeup for japanese girls cross massage from the chin to the ear on the jaw line  the pinching massage the jaw. tapping with the fingers the jaw-line. 

makeup for japanese girls  hand and massage upwards with the other on the jaw-line light pressure massage upwards from the jaw-line. the criss-cross massage on the neck makeup for japanese girls