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Younger Makeup Tips for 2012

Younger Makeup Tips for 2012, skin starts advanced with bark accident elasticity. Combine this with deficient protection, imperfect diet indecent bark affliction regimen, will accept bark that looks blotchy with sun spots pores. All these problems abstain aloof accomplish changes affairs adorableness affliction regimen. Nevertheless there architecture best architecture tips to imitative adolescent attractive bark foundation with a ablaze hand. A face fabricated up with a band  foundation will accomplish you attending olderadminister foundation concealer those genitalia bark needed like beneath eye aphotic circles best administer aqueous foundation is to use a clammy blot to administer again it would be a acceptable abstraction album afore foundation. 

album helps accomplished curve wrinkles giving bland absolute architecture should bendable eyes should ablaze aloof matt shades should abstain arctic eye caliginosity they accentuate accomplished curve crows foot the eyelids sag droop. To appearance this charge to accomplish abiding accept lighter black eyes women shy abroad from application a blusher blush cheeks can accomplish appearance attending fresh

Large Pores for Makeup

Large Pores for Makeup, points beneath account affectionate architecture bark that addiction sizable pores. The best affair charge alpha applying the architecture mentioned below, is to accept bark properly accept ample pores in primary breadth face alpha applying the makeup, ablution face with algid baptize or circle cube afflicted breadth till it absolutely melts, pores. After this, pore belittle lotion. This balm is accessible food brands Concealed accomplish abiding atomic accept a accustomed concealer that will advice bark afore you administer the makeup. 

Whichever concealer choose,  pores should visibility aforementioned time architecture album which is appropriate depending bark types. Some women works abundant for them while assume to crave administer makeup, try applying the architecture album already to see if it helps enhance architecture architecture and non-comedogenic non-occlusive cosmetics should aboriginal preference, these advised best architecture for ample pores scars The beforehand doesn't chemicals, which agency that bark is added naturally

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tips for Nail Polish

Tips for Nail Polish,Top-coat is done after it gets dry tips for nail polish manicure nail-polish kit is easily available in the market. If the toes are long, the some method can also be taken help of for pedicure This is a new method tips for nail polish method, also manicure pedicure suggested previously chocolate applied tips for nail polish chocolate paraffin purified wax herbs oxygenating agent tips for nail polish nourishment and softness improves texture by removing the wrinkles of the tips for nail polish does not give the lightening effect. 
New Nail Polish Ideas
Nail Polish Look for Women

rejuvenates the dehydrated chocolate for mature tips for nail polish chocolate mint for the mature it is the Swiss chocolate tips for nail polish comparatively very There fore applying. it is heated in wax heater and then applied with a brush. After applying the the cling is wrapped on it. After minutes, the hot compressor is given on the compressor can be allowed twice as this retained Wipe out the cream or the lotion of the massage and then give the tips for nail polish Hands are not to be washed after removing the tips for nail polish

Nail Polish after Manicure

Nail Polish after Manicure, legs in good condition by boosting up blood circulation nail polish after manicure sinews of the legs get stimulated. It makes the skin smooth provides the legs a beauty upwards on the leg both the hands the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on the toes. Bend the toes and pull them tightly Rotate each of the toes clockwise anti-clockwise one   pull them the criss-cross massage under the toes sole clockwise anti-clockwise massage the folded palm on the sole nail polish after manicure the heel 

Massage in shape on the sole of the foot the criss-cross massage around the ankle-joint of the foot the vibration massage with both the hands on the foot the pinching massage tapping the fingers of both the hands Fold the palms round together in the shape of a bangle and do the massage the criss-cross massage below the knee-joints the circle nail polish after manicure around the knee Massage upwards the calfmuscles general stroke massage last Remove the nail-polish before the pedicure. Trim the toe-nails straight across nail-clipper or scissors. Then file from the edges towards the centre of your nails. Buffer the nails. Soak the feet in warm water shampoo, lemon drops of hydrogen peroxide. Retain them in the Remove the dirt from the nails and from the hinder part of the solewith a soft brush. Remove the dead skin of the hinder part of the sole scraper nail polish after manicure cuts and the dead skin is more, remove the extra skin with the pedi cutter. 

Rub pumice stone lightly on the scrub wash the legs in the same warm water. Then wipe out the legs and apply the cleansing cream on the nails Push back the cuticles cuticle pusher and clean the cuticles Remove extra cuticles. Apply the pedicure mask. Wrap the cling film tightly on it and put on the cotton socks over it. Let the socks remain nail polish after manicure Take off the socks, remove the cling film and the mask rub. Then wash the feet massage with the body lotion or cream following the steps suggested on page Wipe out the cream from the nails and apply the basecoat Then the nail polish of choice can be applied French manicure differs a little from the common manicure. Nails are given square shape in this manicure nail polish after manicure cleaned as is done in common manicure. 

Paraffin wax mask is applied instead of the manicure mask. Paraffin wax mask is prepared in base. It is heated in the wax-heater. The special wax-heater for paraffin is also available. In which hands are soaked in the hot wax. If there is no special wax-heater, paraffin wax heated in simple wax heater and it is applied brush Peel it off after massage cream or body lotion according to the steps suggested previously nail polish after manicure the nails and apply the base coat nail polish French nail-polish is done as shown in the picture given on the next nail polish after manicure 2012

Nail Treatment for Women

Nail Treatment for Women, Nails are made of Carotene Caroline is proteinous substance nail treatment for women exists in all the hard veins. Nutrition, health and diseases affect growth of nails. Nails grow forward and upward. 

Nails grow faster summer nail treatment for women shed automatically and  certain intervals like hair. The treatment of the nails is equally important as that the hair these days. Different types of manicure and pedicure are as follows Manicure is a Latin word nail treatment for women hand cure means treatment Manicure makes hands look nice. Massages in manicure Treat make the wrists smooth and flexible and prevent the skin of the hand getting wrinkled. It boosts up the blood circulation of hands and fingers. Manicure brags relief arthritis, sinus, cold and cough nail treatment for women avoid worry and tension. Massage upwards hands allowing the general stroke clocwise and anti-clockwise massage on both the hands. clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on fingers pinching massage with thumb from the middle of the palm towards fingers. 

File the nails and buffer them Take Manicure shampoo, lemon juice, honey and hydrogen peroxide drops each in the luke-warm water Keep the hands in it scrub massage lightly and wash the hands in the same water Wipe the hands with a napkin and apply the cleansing cream on the nails nail treatment for women only on the nails Push back the cubicles cuticle  pusher. Then dean the cuticles from sides. Clean the nails the underneath remover. Clean the nails from sides a dust remover. Apply skin lightening mask of manicure on the hands nail treatment for women cling film paper tightly on it and put the cotton gloves over it then remove the gloves and the paper. Then massage it by rubbing. Make the person wash her hands in cold water nail treatment for women the dead skin removed. Take massage steps with the cream or body lotion as mentioned on the page minutes. Wipe out the cream from inside of the nails and apply the base coat nailpolish The treatment of legs is Pedicure This treatment comprises the treatment of the hinder part of the sole, nail treatment for women

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Steps for Body Massage Guide

Steps for Body Massage Guide, criss cross the clockwise anti clockwise massage the joints massage from up to downwards under the arms. 

pinching and tapping under the arms vibration and friction under the arms clockwise anti-clockwise massage the clockwise and anti clockwise massage on the fingers Rotate each of the angers by turn and pull them one by one lightly steps for body massage of the wrists in the other hand alternatively and do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage. Massage the paim upwards with the thumbs the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage around navel clockwise and anti clockwise massage with both the hands on the entire area of the stomach vibration and friction massage the pinching and tapping massage. middle towards the waist with both the hands steps for body massage stomach from down to upwards. 

Massage on the back from up to downwards both the hands. the vibration and friction steps for body massage guide the pinching and tapping massage. Massage upwards from the waist to stomach the criss-cross massage thumbs of both the hands the criss-cross massage on the spine with the thumbs of both the hands by turn steps for body massage palms of both hands and do the press from down to upwards the palms on the neck. both the hands from down to upwards the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on the joints pull slightly the hinder part of the sole heel.

steps for body massage guide feet alternatively and rotate the criss-cross massage on the joints the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage on the hinder part the sole heel pull the toes lightly rubbing on the toes the vibration friction massage steps for body massage pinching and tapping Tap the hinder part of the sole the folded palm. the criss-cross the part below knee the upward massage on the muscles the calf steps for body massage guide

Skin Peeling Treatment

Skin Peeling Treatment, very adventurous for body makes skin soft smooth moisturised skin peeling treatment massage boosts up the blood circulation and relaxes the body. skin peeling treatment reduces deposited fat-cells and stimulates the sinews. 

Body massage helps in nullifying aches in muscles and joints abolishes tension tiredness. In summer, body massage can be done with the body lotion or massage cream. In winter, other oils like - almond oil, sesame oil, mixed in Aroma oils and massage with them. Generally, time for the massage is the body massage, hot towel can be done skin peeling treatment skin pores and allows oil or lotion penetrate into the skin and balances water and oil. It relaxes the body from tiredness. The steps of body massage are as follows Heat the herbal oil luke-warm and apply it thoroughly on the scalp. the clockwise massage with all the fingers of both the hands. the rotation massage over the scalp with a finger and a thumb. the pinching massage. tapping and rubbing. Pull the hair from roots lightly. 

criss-cross massage with the thumbs the clockwise anti-clockwise massage with the fingers on the occipital bones behind the ears. Allow butterfly strokes on shoulders vibration and friction massage skin peeling treatment pressure on the acupressure points. Massage in the hair with fingers as we comb hair Massage with the fingers of both the hands upwards give butterfly strokes. vibration and friction both the hands pinching tapping massage. Keep hand the neck and massage in shape other hand the pinching and pressing to collar-bones.

clockwise and anti-clockwise the shoulders skin peeling treatment clockwise anti-clockwise upwards by turn with both the hands. Give a little pressure with both the hands and let it go repeatedly Massage upwards by turn both hands clockwise and anti-clockwise massage the contoured bones skin peeling treatment vibration friction massage the tapping and pinching massage Form a circle like a bangle of both palms massage them from upwards downwards skin peeling treatment called 

Skin Lightening Treatment

Skin Lightening Treatment, Massage the face the mint gel for Then wipe the skin lightening treatment medicated powder cotton on the face and then allow the High Frequency Current minutes. the acnes are aggravated or bleeding, don't allow High Frequency Current pimples are big in size, allow the High Frequency Current  its electrode skin lightening treatment the powder on the face the astringent also clean the electrode the astringent. 

Apply the anti-acne serum on the face and then apply little thick pimple pack. Let it get dry. Don't remove the pack before it is dried completely. Apply skin toner after removing the pack. This treatment is done specially for pigmentation, scars left after acne freckles skin lightening treatment the skin is peeled acid. This skin treatment has rapid and long-lasting result. For the peeling, diamond Dermis stud machine is also used. With this machine, better result can be obtained in comparison with other kinds of peeling skin lightening treatment peeling can be done manually with hands This treatment also helps removing scars left after acnes to a certain extent.

 The steps for glycolic peeling are as follow  Allow hot compressor with cotton and remove the Then do the deep cleansing Do the skin toning with the skin toner or with the spray-unit. Apply the glycolic peel on the face and let it get dry Take care that it is not applied near the eyes and on the lips. Use the stud as need be and peel the skin with the Diamond Dermis machine. skin lightening treatment very important to neutralist the skin after face-peeling for this is a chemical peel Apply ample according to the skin problem and massage ultrasonic machine. 

Massage manually with hands the skin demands so Apply oxygen mask face skin lightening treatment oxygen mask lets oxygen enter the skin. Peeling has removed the layer of the skin and the skin has got a little more sensitive, therefore the skin has become more receptive to the oxygen mask skin lightening treatment direct absorption of oxygen, the skin looks healthy and lively. This peeling does not have any side-effects. This mask brings about lightening and tightening effect in the skin. This mask nourishes the skin. Therefore, at the treatment the application of the oxygen mask brings skin lightening treatment

Treatment for Oily Skin

Treatment for Oily Skin, This treatment for the mature skin pigmentation, rankles clean the face the cleansing milk honey the apricot scrub and remove the Blackheads and the by doing the deep cleansing. 

Apply the skin toner retain the fruit peel pick treatment for oily skin compressor the cotton pad cotton soaked  hot water minutes and then wipe out the pack. Massage the skin dive cream for retain the fruit-pack Keep ice-cotton on eyes during that time Apply moisturiser after wiping out the pack.This treatment is more advantageous to the mature skin. Generally, for skin lifting, people who can afford, approach skin specialists. But this non surgical approach is cheaper and advantageous. Clean the face cleansing milk treatment for oily skin cleansing the scrub and remove the and the Apply the skin toner the mini-lift powder in activator and apply two layers of it. Apply the third and then the fourth layer after minutes. Retain minutes Remove the mini lift pack help skin-wash. Allow Ozone steam steaming machine. Massage on pressure-points skin dive cream  minutes then apply skin tightening mask moisturiser 

This treatment is specifically meant for skin with more acnes or pimples the High Frequency Machine is used for this treatment. treatment for oily skin Frequency alternative and mild current. It makes the blood circulation faster. This is an anti-bacterial current. The High Frequency current gives soothing, cooling and drying effect. The High Frequency current is of two types Argon. The Neon High Frequency Current controls active sagacious glands and sucks up the extra oily secretion. The Argon High Frequency Current helps penetrate skin toner into skin treatment for oily skin face the face-wash alkaline-wash. needed, remove the and the allowing steam. Then apply the astringent on the face treatment for oily skin

Treatment for Dry Skin

Treatment for Dry Skin, Skin treatment the treatment to cure skin problems some the skin problems Sunburn Skin gets dark the acnes or pimples dark circles under eyes wrinkles, treatment for dry skin following treatments are recommended for the above-mentioned skin problems 

Machine is a machine generating direct current generates Positive negative helps penetrate gel or juice into the skin and skin problems can be cured. types of solutions are used for this Solution Acidic Solution. Clean the face by massaging with the cleansing milk deep cleansing with the scrub and take out the apply the toner massage and penetrate the orange juice with positive current Massage nourishing cream honey-drops in the face pack and apply it on the face treatment for dry skin forget to put eye-pads After cleaning out the pack, give cold compressor rosewater Clean the face the face-wash or astringent For the skin with normal pimples, do the deep cleansing scrub and remove the Apply the toner. 

But if the pimples are full of puss and are aching, only apply the skin toner instead doing the deep cleansing. Allow negative current treatment for dry skin alkaline solution  the face Then allow the positive current acidic solution on the face Don't allow the galvanic current at the bleeding spots. Clean the face. Apply the medicated powder the neon high frequency current treatment for dry skin Clean the face with the astringent apply the pimple pack Allow the cold compressor with the the lemon toner. Massage the face with the skin lightening face cleanser then clean the face the skin lightening pack in skin fair lotion and apply it on the face. Retain it for minutes. Then wipe out the pack. Apply the pack treatment for dry skin wet gauge piece on it. 

Allow the Argon high Frequency oxy pack penetrate into the skin. the skin is more dry, mix the skin lightening cream in vitamin  cream. Then massage skin is still more dry, the other way is to apply Vitamin cream on the face and give massage treatment for dry skin ultrasonic machine. The ultrasonic machine helps the cream penetrate into the skin. Ultrasonic is a micro current. This current is more advanced than the galvanic current. This current cannot be felt. There are two types of waves in this Square waves Alternate waves. Ultra waves bring heat to the skin and the skin gets soft. With the ultrasonic current massage the eyes can also be done. Apply the skin lightening ampule on the skin, and then apply the skin lightening mask on it.  After minutes, clean out the mask treatment for dry skin sun-screen lotion sun-block lotion.

Aromatherapy Facial for Women

Aromatherapy Facial for Women, There is fragrance the Carrier oil. The Essential oil fragrant In the Aroma facial, it is important to know which oil is to be used and Prepare oil  suggested above and do the massage aromatherapy facial for women apply mask according to the skin type. Massage on the dry skin Massage oily skin For the skin acne, do the pressure-point massage for Aroma oil changes the mood with its fragrance. This oil gets penetrated into the blood soon causes instant effect. 

It is advised to get what quantity it is to be taken. Let's have a look at the quantity taken both of the Carrier oil and the Essential oil. an experienced beautician to do Aroma facial so as not to get its adverse effect Use original branded oils for this facial aromatherapy facial for women not only advantageous to hair, but it is equally advantageous skin Methandi brings about a cooling effect on the skin as it does in the hair. This facial can be done even at home first, clean the face with the cleansing milk or face wash. Massage with the nourishing cream or any other cream 

Retain the cream on the face after the massage. aromatherapy facial for women plain water or rosewater and prepare the paste. Apply this paste on the face the cream Retain there Then clean the face water. Massage the fibred part of the betel leaf create heat on the skin and help remove the beachheads and the Crush the ripe banana. Crush the rose-petals in the palms, mix it in the crush of the ripe banana. Apply paste the face aromatherapy facial for women wet sponge. At last, apply the fruit-mask on the entire face and put ice-cotton on the eyes. Banana is a very good tonic for skin aromatherapy facial for women  makes the skin smooth, shining tight. Mehandi brings about nice glow on the skin.

Thermoherb Mask for Make up

Thermoherb Mask for Make up, Thermoherb facial is advantageous for the dry, normal and mature skin. It is made of the base of Plaster of Paris. It brings about Lightning effect in the
skin. It balances oil and water skin. At first, clean the face with She-cleanser. Massage it with sha life thermoherb mask for make up vibrator roller and remove the Blackheads and  White heads Now, make a layer of life cream on the entire face mix thermoherb powderin water and put a thick layer on it. Put eyelids on the eyes. Let the pack get dry for half an hour. While peeling off the pack, start from the edge and ahead slowly. thermoherb mask for make up off the face the wet cotton. 

Apply the marrow pack on it. Apply Sha silk after peeling The green apple facial is meant for the thin, dry and delicate skin. This facial cantains cleanser, massage cream, pack and toner. Clean the face with the apple cleanser. Do the deep cleansing and remove the Then apply the astringent. Massage the face with the apple cream This massage will help cream penetrate into the skin and the skin will get moisture. Then wipe out the cream and apply applemask. Wipe out the mask after Then apply the apple toner thermoherb mask for make up  facial is meant for the oily skin. At first, clean the face with the lemon cleanser. Then deep cleansing   scrub. Allow a little steam and remove the Then massage with the lemon cream. A little mint gel can also be taken he lemon cream. Massage Cleaning out the pack, and then apply the lemon pack after the massage thermoherb mask make up lemon toner  allow high frequency machine. Because of the high frequency machine the toner penetrates into the skin and the oiliness in the skin decreases. Aroma means fragrance. Fragrance has freshening effect on the body mask for make up oil sought from the essence of vegetation leaves, flowers, roots, called Aroma oil. Aroma Therapy is also called thermoherb mask for make up this facial treatment massage is done pressure points. The massage varies pressure of each finger types of oils are used for this massage Carrier oil Essential oil thermoherb mask for make up

Pearl Facial for Make up

Pearl Facial for Make up, facial is advantageous to the normal skin and the delicate skin. This facial brags coolness ingredients of this facial are anti-allergic. At first massage pearl cleanser the Blackheads and the White heads Apply the astringent pearl facial for makeup with pearl cream. Massage once following the steps as shown previously. Then while doing the massage the second time the face the oil from the pearl-kit. Wipe out the face after the massage and apply the pearl-mask. 

Then wipe out the pearl-mask and apply sun-protection lotion. Oxygen is very important for the skin. pearl facial for makeup the skin fresh and alive. Oxygen facial makes skin healthy and brings about instant glow the skin. Oxygen facial charges the dull skin. At fast, clean the face. Then apply the facial peeling cream and retain it for give the Ozone steam over the skin dull, let the skin have the steam minutes pearl facial for makeup cream has very tiny granules of scrub. Give the steam and remove Blackheads and the Apply the astringent. Then the whitening cream in the oxygen cream massage wipe out the cream, apply ample as required for the problem and apply the oxygen-mask. 

Cling the transparent paper tightly on the mask cut it a little at the nose-cut that breathing would not be a problem retain oxygen-mask for Then remove apply sun-protection lotion.    Acid This facial brings lightening effect the skin pearl facial for make up of peeling gel in it is almost so it brings about the tightening effect the satin facial brings in immediate effect in the dark skin. At first, clean the face. Then massage with the cream While massaging soya bean or the mint gel in the cream. Soyabean gives vitamins the dry skin. pearl facial for makeup very important for the dry skin. Mint gel balances oil and water in the oily skin. 

Therefore, it is advisable to mix the gel in the cream. While doing the face-massage, wipe out the cream and apply according to the skin problem and retain Applylayer of glucolic peeling gel on pearl facial for makeup causes a little burning, is effective. Retain the peel To take off this peel, put a pinch of the baking soda in a little lukewarm water massage then massage on it cold water in the beauty globe. Then apply mask pearl facial for makeup there dark circles apply the mask on the eyes too. Put a wet gauge piece on it. Put cold cotton pads on the eyes. Retain the pack Then wash off the face and apply the intensive cream

Women Fruit Facial Make up

Women Fruit Facial Make up, first, deep cleansing according type skin. Remove beachheads  white head apply astringent Then take fresh fruit juice orange sweet-lime massage with along with galvanic current for minutes go for massage according to the skin type. 

Apply the fruit mask. At last, wipe out the pack and apply sun-protection lotion. women fruit facial makeup, clean the face and do the deep cleansing according to the skin type. Remove the beachheads and the White heads and apply the astringent. Then take the fresh vegetable juice of potato, cucumber, tomato, massage along with the galvanic current for minutes. The cream massage is done according to the type of the skin. For making mask, grate potatoes, cucumber and carrot. mix the face-pack in it according to the type of skin. Soak a gauge-piece in the Edgewater, nut it on the face and spread the prepared face pack on it for minutes. women fruit facial makeup the vegetable face pack on the face At last, clean the face and apply sun protection lotion. This facial is meant for the dry, normal or mature skin. Clean the face with the gold-cleanser. Then do the deep cleansing. Remove the beachheads and the white head and apply the astringent. 

Apply the gold-metallic peel with the golddust. Apply the gold-dust on the problematic area. Retain the gold-peel minutes and then remove it with the friction massage. After massage the face with the hydro skin polisher minutes. Don't use water while doing this women fruit facial makeup massage with the gold cream, the skin is more dry, massage it with the skin-butter Then clean the face and apply the gold-metallic gel. Allow the massage with the galvanic or with the ultrasonic machine minutes on the gold gel. Then penetrate the gel into the skin with the hand massage minutes. Apply the gold-mask on it. Retain the goldmask minutes. Clean the face and apply sun-protection lotion. It takes almost one and a half to two hours in this facial-treatment women fruit facial makeup meant for the normal skin as well as for the oily skin. Clean the face with the silver cleanser after massaging minutes. Allow the deep cleansing with the scrub, remove the beachheads and the white head and apply the astringent. 

Keep the silver-peel powder soaking in milk or curd for to minutes and apply the face Retain the peel on the face for minutes. Then remove it massaging  milk or the curd in which the peel was soaked. women fruit facial makeup silver gel and massage with the galvanic current or with the ultrasonic machine Keep on applying the silver lotion while massaging with machine. Then massage with the silver gel apply the silver-pack. Remove the pack 

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Take Care for Makeup

Take Care for Makeup, first, as shown in the table above, decide skin type then for cleansing. take care for makeup cleansing with the scrub. Remove beachheads Whiteheads Then apply the astringent antiseptic. 

Massage for about minutes with the nourishing cream. take care makeup skin is dry, apply a pack on the cream (without wiping out the cream If the skin is normal, apply the pack alter wiping out the cream. After applying the pack, put ice-cotton soaked in rosewater  eyes. take care for makeup pack is dry, wipe it out and apply sun protection lotion. At first, as shown in the table above, decide the skin type. Clean the face with She-cleanser.take care for makeup moon for the normal skin and Sha rose for the oily skin. Do the deep cleansing with Shascrub. Then apply the astringent after removing the beachheads and the Whiteheads minutes with Sha life. 

Then go for the direct vibration massage on the leg and hand the indirect vibration massage on the face. take care for makeup cold compressor with Sha rose. Give the cold compressor with cold steaming machine or with the cotton soaked in cold rosewater Take drops Sha fresh in Sha face pack. Then remove the face-pack and apply  base take care for makeup protection for the normal skin and for the oily skin. Apply more of Sha base, and then less of Shasilk

Eyes Makeup Ideas 2012

Eyes Makeup Ideas 2012, Set the palms wide open like the wings of the butterfly and do the circle passage the vibration with both the hands. 

friction massage in clockwise and anti clockwise direction the pinching eyes makeup ideas the shoulder tap with hands Fold your palm and do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage with the folded fingers inwards with the edges of the palms. eyes makeup shapes from one shoulder to the other. Press the collar-bone clockwise and anti clockwise massage shoulder. Set one hand on one shoulder and massage upwards up to the top of the neck with the other hand. Massage with the butterfly stroke one palm above the other and strike upwards on the spine as shown in the picture eyes makeup ideas clockwise and anti-clockwise on the occipital bone behind the ears.

Set the palms wide open like a cat's paws and massage from down to upwards. Go on giving general strokes intermittently while doing all the steps as above. eyes makeup ideas want to take cream or water, take it with just one hand, keeping the other the face During make it a point to give pressure only on the pressure points; while massage the rest of the parts with low-pressure. 

Take care that cream does not get into eyes or mouth Massage on the hands and the legs till the pack gets dry eyes makeup common steps of facial-treatment and skin treatment given in this book advised to follow the instructions or guidance specifically prescribed on each of the eyes makeup ideas

Makeup for Japanese Girls

Makeup for Japanese Girls, Press the eyebrows.Massage in shape around the eyes palms on the eyes for a while upwards with two front fingers in centre forehead makeup for japanese girls upwards with fingers on the eyebrows. 

set two fingers horizontally in shape on the forehead and massage clockwise clockwise with one fingers the space between them as shown in picture makeup japanese girls make shape as above and do the friction massage fingers close to each other massage giving vertical stroke shape the forehead. 

makeup japanese girls tapping massage tapping all fingers forehead cupping with hand and massage upwards with the other Set one hand beside the ear and massage with the palm of the other hand up to the jaw line on the neck makeup for japanese girls cross massage from the chin to the ear on the jaw line  the pinching massage the jaw. tapping with the fingers the jaw-line. 

makeup for japanese girls  hand and massage upwards with the other on the jaw-line light pressure massage upwards from the jaw-line. the criss-cross massage on the neck makeup for japanese girls

Makeup for Women Fashion

Makeup for Women Fashion, Then start backwards from forehead through beside ears to the chin. Massage upwards on the cheeks with fingers. 

Set two front fingers make up for women fashion the other down - on the chin and massage as the scissors move clockwise make up women fashion clockwise around lips then massage only clockwise around the lips. Massage half-circle laughter-line. Massage clockwise anti-clockwise below little pressure with fingers little beside the nose. 

Massage clockwise and anticlockwise with two fingers at eyebrow Corners. massage upwards on the nose make up for women fashiono front fingers of both the hands. Massage upwards on the noseridge with two front fingers of both the hands. Give a little pressure with just finger on the tension-point.  Give pressure with three fingers on the pulse points temples roll patting with just one finger of both the hands from down to upwards. make 

Set the hands like a Japanese fan and do vibration massage. Massage clockwise anti-clockwise with the thumbs. Do vibration massage with all the fingers. Give pressure with three fingers on the pulse-points. make up for women fashion clockwise and anti-clockwise mode around the eyes. Do vibration massage with fingers below the eyes.

Massage clockwise and anti-clockwise on eyeball with third finger make up women fashion with only one finger on the crease-line. Massage in shape in the corners of the eyes pinching massage on the eyebrows.