Friday, 17 February 2012

2012 Beautiful Makeup Pictures

2012 Beautiful Makeup Pictures, Waxing is another method of removing unwanted hair from the skin besides threading. Waxing can be done in three different ways 2012 beautiful make up pictures This method of removing hair, includes threading, twitching plucking Removing hair with the help of Hair Remover Cream is called decimation. 

beautiful make up pictures easiest method of removing the unwanted hair convenient remove hair. Threading cannot help remove all the hair while waxing helps do it waxing picks out hair from its roots and still it is not painful. Take of lemon-juice and of sugar in a thick metal pot. Put the pot on a low flame and keep stirring. Make the flame high minutes till the content boils over. Then once the flame low. beautiful make up minutes into a complete dissolve. A drop of the contents should make one single shred. Drop four to five drops of the contents in half a cup of water. If the drops sink below, take it for granted that the wax is ready. 

If they mix up with water, the content still needs more boiling. beautiful make up pictures powder on the area where waxing is to be done. Then apply wax with a butter knife Wax is to be applied in the same direction of the growth of the hair. Now press the warship with equal pressure on the area where wax has been applied. Then pull it back in the opposite direction of the hair-growth. beautiful make up clean the area with sponge or cotton made wet in Dettol If the skin is sensitive, massage the skin with calamine lotion or with cold cream. If both bleaching and waxing are to be done, go for bleaching first. See that the temperature of the wax is not so high as to cause any harm, burning, beautiful make up pictures there are cuts, swells or acnes, avoid waxing on them. Refrain from using cheap hair remover lotion or cream available in the market. It darken the skin boosts up the growth beautiful make up pictures 2012