Friday, 17 February 2012

Makeup for Women Fashion

Makeup for Women Fashion, Then start backwards from forehead through beside ears to the chin. Massage upwards on the cheeks with fingers. 

Set two front fingers make up for women fashion the other down - on the chin and massage as the scissors move clockwise make up women fashion clockwise around lips then massage only clockwise around the lips. Massage half-circle laughter-line. Massage clockwise anti-clockwise below little pressure with fingers little beside the nose. 

Massage clockwise and anticlockwise with two fingers at eyebrow Corners. massage upwards on the nose make up for women fashiono front fingers of both the hands. Massage upwards on the noseridge with two front fingers of both the hands. Give a little pressure with just finger on the tension-point.  Give pressure with three fingers on the pulse points temples roll patting with just one finger of both the hands from down to upwards. make 

Set the hands like a Japanese fan and do vibration massage. Massage clockwise anti-clockwise with the thumbs. Do vibration massage with all the fingers. Give pressure with three fingers on the pulse-points. make up for women fashion clockwise and anti-clockwise mode around the eyes. Do vibration massage with fingers below the eyes.

Massage clockwise and anti-clockwise on eyeball with third finger make up women fashion with only one finger on the crease-line. Massage in shape in the corners of the eyes pinching massage on the eyebrows.