Sunday, 8 January 2012

Women Makeup Tips

Women Makeup Tips,  It is very important to clean the face before the make-up. If there is any dead skin, remove the dead skin and then apply do the make-up.  If there is unwanted hair left in the eyebrows. go for the threading first and then start the make-up.  If there is more soft hair on the face, get the face bleached before two or three days.  Go for one shade light or one shade dark make-up than the skin tone.  Go for dry-base make-up in summer - means less use of oily products; go for the moisture-base make-up in winter. 

 Insist on using a good-quality make-up products.  Insist on using the waterproof eyeliner and mascara.  Clean the brushes after every makeup To avoid infection, clean the sponges with antiseptic liquid after the make-up. 

Do the deep cleansing with face wash astringent in the oily skin, with cleansing milk in the dry skin and with a scrub if there is a lot of dead skin.