Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bridal Makeup For Women

Bridal Makeup For Women, brush helps to apply the powder on the whole face and polishing can also be done with it. These brushes are specially designed ed for professional use. bridal makeup for women brushes small, medium large sizes.

The small brush is used for the deep parts Of the face and large size powder whereas medium an brushes are used for the rest of the parts of the face makeup for women  sponges puffs are made from a good quality of cotton velvet cloth. The powder is dabbed on the face with  this puff to balance the cream base. the porous sponge is used to blend lines occur on the face after applying pancake and concealer or to blend the make-up. 

bridal makeup for women remove such lines, water base powder is dabbed on the face with the help of this puff the powder brush is the thickest Eyeshadow brushes are round, flat all the brushes used for applying and angular in shape. makeup for women brushes among shape This are used for doing the Eyeshadow make-up. It is round in shape