Friday, 13 January 2012

Makeup Colour Pigment Eyeshadow 2012

Makeup Colour Pigment Eyeshadow 2012, An eye shadow is the most important part of a makeup. It is available in liquid cream, powder, cake and pigment forms. Using eye shadow a definite eye shape can be created. 

with the help of eye shadow big eyes can be made look smaller and small eyes can be made look bigger eye shadows help to give a different personality to an individual, i.e light eye shadows gives the bride a shyly look But in films and dramas dark and heavy eye shadows are used for a negative villainous character. eye shadows are decided according to the colors of the costume and the work on the costume. Color pigment means the pure form of a color. Having more color pigment. such eye shadows have more darkness

and shining color pigment eye shadows are available in powder forms only These eyeshadows are used in stage makeup and glamorous make-up. The shining of the color pigment on eye shadows can be seen from a distance eye shadows which have light shades are used as highlighters Light shade highlighters are used beneath the eyebrow-bone. Generally, highlighters are found in golden, silver, white and yellow colors.