Saturday, 28 January 2012

Makeup For Brown Eyes

Makeup For Brown Eyes, The upper layer of the skin called derma Wheatish skin concealers are the material used for fair skin foundation on it is called derma If there are white dots on the color.

Derma series is thicker wheatish skin, use orange brown than other foundations. so the shades while doing the base skin problems like - leucoderma blemishes and scars can be covered if there are dark circles under with the concealers of the eyes, use yellowish brown orange this series. shades to cover the circles concealers are used to cover skin problems. makeup for brown eyes this type of skin tone, the concealers are of five types concealers are fair skin For fair skin cheese For dark skin like - negro light egyptian 

This concealer is to be applied before doing the base. makeup for brown gives a glow to the there are white dots on the skin dark wheatish skin use red yellow skin matching shades while doing the For covering dark base. circles under the eyes in the dark skin If there are dark circles under For very fair skin. makeup for brown To make the eyes, pigmentation or beachheads in the deep  valley portion below the eyes the dark wheatish skin use Chinese look raised. Yellow shades to cover them.for this type of skin tone, the concealers are Fair skin Ivory Fair skin The concealers Dark egyptian for the fair skin are Negro 

there are white dots on the If the fair skin has white dots, Very dark wheaten skin use red use yellow light brown shades while Dark egyptian yellow shades while doing the base. doing the base the fair skin has dark circles makeup brown there are dark circles under under the eyes, use cheese yellow the eyes, use cheese red light shades to cover them. egyptian shades to cover them.