Friday, 13 January 2012

Best Translucent Powder for Makeup

Best Translucent Powder for Makeup, and freckles of the skin. foundation is very useful to make the makeup look effective foundation can be used on oily dry and normal skin. Greasy creamy and liquid foundations are used on dry skin because it has extra moisture which balances the dryness of the skin. Liquid foundation is used for an oily skin.

But for ombination skin normal oily foundation is used. skin problems cannot be covered with foundation but skin tone can be made look even. foundation is used after a concealer is applied. Powder gives   an excellent and finishing touch to the makeup. powder is found in two forms loose Form- translucent powder Cake Form - compact powder To make the makeup last for a longer period.

to stop sweating from the skin -as an anti-perspiration agent to control oil on the skin. In makeup. a powder is used after applying the concealer and the foundation Because both - the concealer and the foundation - are oily So if powder is not used, there arises lining on makeup. Generally, loose powder is used in