Saturday, 28 January 2012

Natural Makeup Tips for 2012

Natural Makeup Tips for 2012, An eyeliner brush is sharp and thin This brush is used to apply gel and cake eyeliners The upper portion of a tyre smudged brush is hard like a tyre A pencil

eyeshadow a cake eyeshadow a gel natural makeup tips front portion of the sponge locator is triangular in shape. This eyeshadow and the kajal soot etc. are applicator is used for making special Smudged with the tyre smudged. natural makeup applicator eyeshadows are smudged with a lyre lines and contouring shade in eyeshadow. natural makeup sponge applicator is used for Smudger they get a smoky look. 

shadow highlighting and defining the eyebrows the upper portion of the buffing brush is made of thin polymer wires yarns The wires are very soft. It is round in shape. natural makeup buffing brush is used to smudge and to give a smoky An eyebrows brush has comb like look to the eyeshadows teeth on one side and thin wires brush on the other. 

makeup tips brush is used to comb the eyelashes and to give the proper shape to the eyelashes and the eyebrows.