Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Makeup Tips for 2012

Makeup Tips for 2012, If the space gap between the two the gap between the two eyes look either eyes less than eyelength extended equal called close eyes close eyes space gap between the two eyes is a dark women make up tips 

eyeshadow in the less than one eyelength perfection can outer Corners of the eyes, which makes be brought taking the following care the eyes look slightly lifted  extend while applying the eye make-up the dark eyeshadow slightly outside the outer corners of the eyes widen the gap between the two eyebrows For that thread the 

eyebrows make up tips rim area apply kajal soot and extend the eyebrows at the temple make up tips the upper and lower part in the end outer corners Use light shade eyeshadow in the primer volume and black inner corners of the eyes, which makes mascara Only on the outer eyelashes