Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Lip Gloss for Makeup

2012 Lip Gloss for Makeup, glorious look to the makeup. Aafter defining the lip shape with the help of a lip brush or a lip pencil, the lipstick is applied with a brush.

If the lipstick shades do not match to the skin tone, the make-up does not give a good look. For a light skin, pink and medium dark lipstick shades are used.

 For a dark skin light brown or light orange lipstick shades are used. An excess use of dark lipstick shade makes the person look older than she he is. The medium shades of lipsticks make the skin look young and the face attractive.

Lip-gloss are used to give a shining look to the lipstick and a glamorous look to the lips. Using the lip-gloss dryness of the lips can be lessened.