Saturday, 14 January 2012

Glitter for Women Makeup

Glitter for Women Makeup, The two-way gel is used for two purposes  before doing the eye make-up. two-way gel is applied on the eye socket area, so that the eyeshadow lasts longer.

glitter is used to give a glamorous effect to the look If the powder form of glitter is used. the two-way gel is used to sick it properly.

Besides. The two-way gel is transparent, so the glitter shade does not get changed. If the powder glitter is stuck with the two-way gel the glitter does not shed down.

gutters are found in different forms like - powder, get-based liquid-based etc. In the past, glitters were used only in the stage makeup. But now they are used in the make-up for wedding receptions, bridal make-up, cocktail parties and dance parses.

By blending glitter with an eyeliner sealer, glitter eyeliner can be made. Getter is append on eyeballs under eyebrows. on cheek bones and lips