Friday, 13 January 2012

Girls Makeup Cake Shimmer 2012

Girls Makeup Cake Shimmer 2012, Professional makeup whereas compact powder is for personal use. Powders are available in white, yellow, ivory light pink in colors different powders are used to match the skin tone. 

this powder is found in compact form, dry cake is used to sustain the cream base foundation for a long time. By using dry cake a soft and velvet look can be given to the face. It is applied with a powder puff or a powder brush. To sustain the make-up base for a long time, dry cake is applied mixing with water. Pancake is water based and in a cake form Pancake is useful to control the oil base of the make-up and to sustain the makeup for a long time. 

Pancake is mixed with water and then it is applied either with a brush or a sponge and when it gets dry it is made even with a sponge. Because of it, the base of