Friday, 2 March 2012

Skin Colour for Makeup

Skin Colour for Makeup, Make-up varies from occasion to occasion skin colour for makeup Light matt effect make-up is for the daytime, while the heavy base and the glittery make-up is done at the night. Concealer, Moisturizer Panstick Concealer, cream Foundation Pancake Water base, dry cake translucent Powder White,Yellow, Ivory, pink Water-spray Rosewater, eau-doCologne water Muslin cloth Shimmer Powder Pink, Bronze, skin colour for makeup

Powder-shadow,Pigment, cream Highlighter Golden, Silver Eyeliner Pencil, cream, Liquid, Gel, Cake and Powder  Eyebrow defining powder Pencil Mascara Black,Transparent,Zoom, Fibre, Primer Blusher, Blushon Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Maroon. Orange Lipstick It is very important face clean before the make-up dead skin, remove the dead skin, then allow the skin colour for makeup unwanted hair eyebrows, threading first before the make-up there is more hair on the face, get the bleaching done first.  Go for one shade light make-up or one shade dark make-up than the skin-tone. Go for dry-base make-up in summer; go for the moisture base make-up in winter. Use the make-up of a good quality. 

Insist on using only the waterproof eyeliner and mascara skin colour for makeup brushes after every make-up. Clean the sponge with antiseptic after the make-up, that the possibility of infection can be clearly avoided. Do the deep cleansing with face wash astringent in the oily skin, with the cleansing milk in the dry skin and with a scrub if there is a lot of dead skin Spread the concealer with light weight because if it is done with heavy weight, the make-up gets patchy skin colour for makeup because the application of ice closes