Friday, 2 March 2012

2012 Makeup Face

2012 Makeup Face, Make-up plays a significant role in the present time. Make-up not only adds to beauty, 2012 makeup face boosts up confidence, too. Make-up hides certain defects of the face. Three things are essential to be checked before starting make-up Face type Skin Face Long Face To make each of these faces perfect, make-up is done after doing the facecut. makeup face called shading. This shading is done with dark colors like black brown. To make each of these faces perfect, make the Oval Face by facecutting. Dark shade is used to hide the hill part of the face which is called shading. Light shade is used to give the face a hill look to the valley part 2012 makeup face called highlighting 
Makeup Face for Women
Girls Makeup Face

raised part of the face is called sunken part is called hill-part. Problems seen more in the concealer the black-brown pencil, Terra cotta and the black-brown eye-shadow Generally, Skin has four color tones Fair Skin Wheatish Skin Dark Wheatish Skin Very Dark Wheatish Skin Concealer is selected according to the skin-tone For this type of skin, series concealers used numbers for series concealers Wheatish skin concealers Dark Wheatlsh makeup face type of skin has a little darker tone than that of the Wheatish Skin. For this skin, the numbers of the concealers Chinese, very Dark Wheatish skin  For this type of skin, the concealers Dark egyption 2012 makeup face