Friday, 2 March 2012

Bronze Makeup for 2012

Bronze Makeup for 2012, with the eyebrow pencil the brown-black zoom mascara the reddish brown blusher bronze makeup for 2012 needed stick a bindi the matching lipstick and do the highlighting the golden pigment the middle part the lips Clean the face befitting the skin type the silver base cream on the entire face light weight face-cutting befitting the skin matching tone concealer befitting the skin matching tone part where face cutting is not done bronze makeup for translucent powder befitting skin matching tone the water-spray eau-de-cologne water dab the muslin cloth the silver-gloss powder silver blusher on the highlighting point. 

Then dab dry muslin cloth silver eyeshadow in the area from the eyeliner to the eyebrow pink eyeshadow in the front part of the eye and the black eyeshadow in the back part of the eye. Define the eyebrow the eyebrow defining powder and do the liquid eyeliner splash-proof mascara pink blusher bronze makeup stick a bindi the silver liquid base lipstick on the lips and do the pink eyeliner on it.Clean the face befitting the skin type Cover the face problems the matching concealer bronze powder in the matching tone pancake and apply a thin layer of it on the entire face matching tone concealer Dab wet muslin cloth polishing India the deep bronze powder on the highlighting point dry muslin cloth. bronze color pigment on the eyelid and do the eyeshadow in the middle part of the eyelid befitting the color matching. Then do the black eyeshadow in the corner. Apply the highlighted. Define the eyebrow and do the black-cake eyeliner bronze makeup blusher and the medium black long mascara. the nude transparent lipstick and apply the lip-gel upon it Clean the face befitting the skin type. face-cutting  the blackbrown pencil suggested different face-graphs on the Cover the face problems matching concealer the face-matching tone concealing in the part where face-cutting is not done skin matching translucent powder and dab with a wet muslin cloth bronze makeup for 2012