Friday, 30 November 2012

Organic Cosmetics Women Makeup

Organic Cosmetics Women Makeup, Women cannot avoid to use cosmetic products. In fact, this is a part of our everyday lives. We use cosmetic products to look good and feel good about ourselves. We use it to look presentable and marketable especially when we are talking about our careers. There are tons of cosmetic brands that are available in the market, but are they safe to use Studies show that most of the products that we use contain preservatives. The use of preservatives is to extend the shelf life of a product. We often see these in the supermarket. Most packed products contains preservatives to avoid the development of organisms. In the cosmetic line, cosmetic manufacturers also put preservatives to maximize the life of their products. See the expiration date Some of them took 2-4 years and the more preservatives you put on a product, the longer its life will be.
Going to our main point, what are the reasons why should we use organic beauty products over these preservative-rich brands Organic Cosmetics are chemical-free Organic beauty products are safer to use because they do not contain harmful chemicals. Some people have certain allergic reactions to these harmful chemicals and this is one good thing about using organic ones. They do not harm are skin. They are gentle and really skin-friendly.
Knowing the fact that Paraben exists in most beauty products that we use, studies show that Paraben is a harmful chemical that may lead to cancer. There are many types of Parabens like Butylparaben, Methylene and others. These Parabens have a negative effect to our skin if exposed in daylight. It may develop a severe skin and DNA damage. It also develops breast tumours which is a hot issue in women's health today. By using all-natural beauty products we can avoid these negative side effects as well as the certain risks of having cancer.
In my own experience as a natural beauty advocate, I find organic cosmetics cheaper than any other leading brands. It is a fact that most people perceive the efficacy of a product based on its price.The more expensive, the more effective it can be. We, as smart consumers should cross-out that way of thinking. There are different reasons why most of the leading brands are expensive. Some of the reasons are: